Disability Support Services

What kind of appointment would you like to make?

Incoming first-year and transfer students

Incoming first-year and transfer students: Getting started with DSS (phone or in-person)

For incoming first-year and transfer students who have general questions about the accommodation request process and disability services at Reed.

(30 minutes)

Incoming first-year and transfer students: Housing needs consultation (phone or in-person)

An opportunity for incoming students and DSS staff to discuss accommodation needs related to on-campus housing.

(30 minutes)

Current Reed students

Current Reed students: Intake meeting (in-person)

For current Reed students who are requesting disability accommodations at Reed for academics, housing, PE, or other programs. Intake meetings take place in-person at the Dorothy Johansen House.

(1 hour)

Current Reed students: Check-in with DSS (in-person, unless alternate arrangements are made with DSS in advance)

An opportunity for current Reed students who have already been approved for disability accommodations to further discuss their accommodation eligibility or accessibility needs.

(30 minutes)


Non-students: Faculty/staff consultation (phone or in-person)

For Reed faculty, instructors, and staff who would like to consult with DSS staff around accommodations in their classroom or program, or other DSS matters.

(30 minutes)

Non-students: General information (phone or in-person)

For family members, prospective students, or health care providers who have general questions about disability support services for students at Reed.

(30 minutes)